Hull, MA - Fort Revere

This EVP was found by Marc Menard in building 4 at Fort Revere in Hull MA with the NEPS team. This was reviewed right after the questions was asked.

Misc Location -Abandoned House/ Bunker

This EVP was found by our Tech Specialist Robbie and Team Leader Marc. They were performing an EVP session and taking pictures inside an abandoned house or bunker foundation.

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Manchester, NH -Residence

This EVP was found by Kieley during review.

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This EVP was found by Kieley.

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Gardner, MA - SK Pierce Mansion

This was found on the second floor of the SK Pierce Mansion. Was one of Mr. Pierce's wives saying hello from the other side within the Red Room?

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Video was taken in the red room. temperature on mel meter was going off

Another EVP from the SK Pierce Mansion

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Peabody, MA, USA

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