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How We Got Our Start

The New England Paranormal Society (NEPS) was founded in April of 2020 and is passionate about the paranormal field and helping others navigate through it. We investigate using a variety of equipment and other tools and don’t charge for investigations: we are here to help. 

NEPS services all New England states and investigates residential, businesses, private and public haunted locations throughout New England.


Meet The Team

Marc Menard 

Co-Founder/Team Leader

Marc founded NEPS in 2020. He started investigating the paranormal at the age of 16 and is driven to help those in need. When not delving into the world of the paranormal, Marc has made a career as a correctional officer. He currently resides in the Northshore of Massachusetts with wife, newborn daughter, faster-than-the-speed-of-light shepherd mix, and a clowder of rambunctious felines.

Kingsley Fitzgerald 

Co-Founder/Public Relations

Kingsley is a behavioral therapist and works with kids who have autism. He had experiences as a child which has pointed him in the direction of the paranormal. He has been investigating for about 2 years on his own and brings passion and determination to the team. He also loves to cook and learn new things.

Stan Czerepica 


Stan is a retired letter carrier from the usps who now owns and runs his on-line die cast company. As a young boy he had a paranormal experience which has gone unforgotten over the years and now is seeking answers like who, what and why! He has been investigating the paranormal for the past two years and has many hours of experience communicating with the dead. He now wants to help those families with paranormal activity find solutions to their unanswered questions and give them some closure so they can live their lives without fear.

David Langlais


Hi, My name is Dave. I will never forget my first Paranormal experience as a child but it was not until my second Paranormal experience that i really became interested in Ghost Hunting which took place at a graveyard in West Greenwich, RI. Eventually i joined a paranormal group and learned more on the subject and even now still looking for answers of the afterlife. I served in two separate branches of the Military, US Air Force and US Army and still work for the US Government. I spend a lot of time with my German Shepherd Athos and my Chihuahua (yes quite the difference in size), projects around the house and riding my motorcycle. I look forward to getting back to the field and meeting/working with new people.

Robbie Petrelis 

Tech Manager

Robbie has always been interested in anything paranormal since he had a crazy experience when I was younger. Robbie has been doing this for almost 10 years. He loves learning new stuff and using different equipment to interact with spirits & the Unknown

Roger Bello


Roger is new to the field. He brings fun and technology together in order to provide the best evidence possible!

Jason Thoman


Jason Thoman is a parapsychologist by training and has been interested in the paranormal since childhood. Trained at the Rhine Research Center at Duke, Jason’s interests are in near-death experiences and after death communication. He also is able to provide care and information to those involved in cases with NEPS. Outside of the paranormal he enjoys spending time with family, cooking, and exploring new restaurants.


Investigation Request


The NEPS team is committed to the health and safety of our clients and investigators and feel is is our obligation to follow the latest recommendations of the Health Care professionals. We do our best to follow social distancing guidelines as the space allows while on investigations and investigators are required to follow mask wearing guidelines at all times when inside a location or residence. If you have further questions or concerns surrounding the teams protocols, please feel free to contact us and a member if our team will get back with you as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing paranormal activity and would like assistance please contact us. NEPS does not charge for their services. Non Emergency and general questions please email us. 

Thank you

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